Dress to be the best version of yourself, using what is already in your wardrobe.

How does it work?

Our closets are lined with items we love but those items hardly ever see the full return on their investment. With women only using 20% of their wardrobe, we know there are new and unique outfits waiting to be worn. Each outfit generated is based on four parameters, what you're doing that day, what the weather is like outside, the dress code and your mood. Our unique styling algorithm, in combination with machine learning, gives you the luxury of an on-demand personal stylist. 

Do I have to take photos?

Absolutely not! We have built out a back-end database of EVERYTHING fashion so uploading your digital wardrobe takes less than 5 minutes. You select items similar to what you own through our 'Pinterest' feed of images. It's a simple tap and scroll until you have at least 50 items selected. That gives us a general baseline of what you're working with. There are more features within the app to add items and make your wardrobe more specific should you choose to go in to detail.

What makes us the best?

We have an extensive community of fashion influencers that are heavily connected in the local fashion scene. These 'ambassadors' are fashion designers, bloggers, stylists, photographers and influencers. Each come from a different style background and are well versed in trend forecasting. We want you to know that our styling algorithm is as credible and as up-to-date as possible and with our community of TOSS ambassadors, that is a guarantee.

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